WINNER thankful to Block B’s members? 

The group that Winner won their very first #1 against was Block B. Song Minho especially has a deep relationship with Block B. This is because he has an attachment with them like no other as they dreamed the same dream, and at one time prepared for debut together with a few of the members.

On the interview day, Song Minho choked on his words from rush of emotions while speaking of his relationship with Block B’s P.O (real name Pyo Jihoon), and shortly thereafter made known his strong friendship with him.

Q. Winner went against Block B for their first win candidacy, how did you feel about that?

(Song Minho) It’s a drama, the story of me and Jihoon (P.O). We were friends since we were young, and we both liked rap since high school. This was the time before I started dieting. We lived together and auditioned together, but then I lost a lot of weight and got in. We thought that we would both get in if we auditioned, but only one person got in and the other one got rejected. So we promised each other, “One day, let’s meet on the same stage”, and we happened to meet on “MCountdown” as nominees for #1. We held each other’s hands tightly and spoke to each other through our eyes while waiting for the reveal for #1.

(Kang SeungYoon) Before the winner was revealed, I saw the two guys (Song Minho and P.O) and I felt a lump in my throat. Regardless of the fact that we were competitors, I was touched that Zico hyung came to us after we won and gave me a hug.

(Song Minho) We went to the Block B hyungs after we won to say sorry but they sincerely congratulated us.

(Lee Seunghoon) I saw them for the first time, but they even congratulated our other members. I’m thankful because they congratulated Winner’s #1 the most sincerely among the people there.

Source: Sports Today

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl


140826 4 Things Show - Zico has a lot of thoughts?

  • Kyung: I think he lives is life difficultly. He tells me what stresses him out and when I hear that from him, it's really just the little things that build up over time so it hits him as one huge problem. Despite appearing tough on the outside, he's still a kid on the inside but he can't complain to people. In a sense, he's pretending to be an adult and slowly becoming one.
  • P.O: People in his surroundings keep pressuring him for more and the way people see him is also another source of pressure for him. I think he just continually becomes trapped.
  • Taewoon: He probably does have a lot of thoughts. With Block B now at a steady position, he's probably thinking about his solo career and family problems also. He probably has a lot of thoughts running through his mind.
  • Ugly Duck: He's just constantly at a state of needing to do this and that, and in that state, it's really difficult to compose lyrics too.
  • Rhymer: He's a kid who thinks of producing despite promoting for his current album. From sketching out the next album to recording, he's the type to hold everything in so I think that makes it just as difficult for himself.